For the Game is that corner 3, upper 90 sweet spot where serious in-game analysis meets the broader, less mature, more human narratives of international soccer and the NBA.

We follow the players and story lines that grab our attention like Tim Howard grabs futile Belgian shots in the World Cup. We celebrate the impassioned and opinionated insight, into, say, a comparison of the Mavs’ and Sixers’ team-constructing philosophies and how they relate to each city’s sports and cultural histories (for example: Allen IversonPhilly fans booing Santa Claus, or the Maverick partnership of the German Moses and the rapper turned recruiter par excellence, Chandler Parsons). And we like to go beyond the scoop or news-breaking soundbite about, say, Mark Cuban’s latest cranky-billionaire Cyber Dust post or Sam Hinkie’s most recent assurance that he ran the numbers again and “The Process” is going to work…

We follow the surging U.S. Men’s national soccer team despite Landon Donovan’s World Cup snub and the fact that our team is run by a sometimes-feisty German and covered by an always-feisty Alexi Lalas and all things NBA (no that is not State Farm’s National Bureau of Assists- we cover the other NBA). We are your typical sports blog, just hopefully more provocative with plenty of random references and jokes that aren’t that funny but you still like for some reason.

The FTG Team

Chris Rios                  –       rioschris17@gmail.com

Tunde Demuren       –       tdemuren15@gmail.com

Jake Montgomery    –       montgomeryj92@gmail.com


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